Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Leeds Classics is moving house!

From 1st August 2014 the Department is to be integrated into what is currently Leeds' School of Modern Languages and Cultures, and the School is to be renamed ‘of Languages, Cultures and Societies’, the better to reflect the wide range of its research specialisms.

Classics will be moving from its current location in the Parkinson Building to the nearby Michael Sadler Building, to be co-located with Italian, with whom we are to be administratively paired.

We look forward to benefiting from the economies of scale in administrative and support structures which integration into the larger unit will bring, and to exploring the exciting potential for collaborative research and teaching with our new modern-linguist colleagues.

Our postgraduate provision remains unaffected by the new arrangements. At undergraduate level, we will continue to offer SH Classical Civilisation and JH combinations with Classical Literature and Classical Civilisation (see our official site). From September 2015 we will also be introducing JH combinations with Ancient History.

Although we are no longer offering a traditional, language-intensive Classics degree, we remain committed to the importance of teaching Greek and Latin, and are working on the details of a new suite of language modules which will make up an optional ‘linguistic pathway’ within our other programmes.

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